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Please know that we’re doing everything we can to re-stock crucial products (including cleaning/household supplies, food ) and fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Due to high demand, quantities will be limited on certain items; you may also experience out-of-stock and cancelled items, as well as delays in receiving your order.

We work hard to finish your order in 3 working days,  due some shortage Please accept it take more time to fullfill your order. We can't reply the mail all time for some request soonest delivery and change delivery date/item/cancel.

We apologize for this situation and we appreciate your patience during this time.

請知道,我們正在盡一切努力重新庫存重要產品(包括清潔/家用用品,食物)並儘快完成訂單。 由於需求量大,某些商品的數量將受到限制(清潔消毒品; 您可能還會遇到缺貨和取消的商品,以及延遲接收訂單的情況。

由於有些貨品短缺,我們盡量在3天內努力完成您的訂單,請接受有可能花更多時間來完成您的訂單。 我們無法始終如一地答复所有要求盡快交付和更改交付日期/項目/取消的郵件。