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Baker Blade with Walnut wooden



    This Baker blade is handcraft with walnut wood, very nice lamb. 
  • 5 Double Edged Razors Included
  • Knurled Brass Thumb-nuts and Screws
  • Black Walnut Wood and Brass 
  • Replaceable Blade Application
  • This lame is custom designed for a professional baker. Handcrafted from Black Walnut wood and features knurled brass thumb-nuts for quick and easy blade replacement.
  • comes complete with instructions and a 5 pack of blades. It is the perfect gift for any home or professional baker. Please contact us if you are looking for a left handed bread lame, we will gladly assist.
  • Hand Made in America

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Category: blade, cutter, knife, tool, utensils

Type: knife

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