Candied Rose Petal Edible Flower



  • Imported from France, Candied Rose Petals have been used by generations of pastry chefs and confectioners to decorate cakes, petits fours, and parfaits. Candied Violets and Candied Violet Petals are also available. Perfect for decorating sweets cakes & chocolate, salad and cocktail
  • With a delightful taste and sensual aroma of fresh Roses, combined with a great crunchy texture, these vibrant flavor crystals are a sensational addition to any dish. No added coloring, just the natural color from carefully harvested edible Roses. Use in all kinds of desserts; fantastic with chocolate, top mini-cupcakes, canapés, sorbet, crème brulee and so much more. Add a fresh floral note to fruit salads, and mixed green salads. Use in place of rose syrup in cocktails
  • sugar, rose flower , agent coating acacia, coloring E120
  • 100g size in Bottle, 1.5-4 g per petal approx. 2-3 cm each

Category: cocktail, flower, mol, salad

Type: Unknown Type



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