Fresh paper for Bread




All Natural

About this product

  • FDA food-safe paper infused with organic spices that naturally slows bacterial and fungal growth for all bread products.
  • FreshPaper for Bread works with loaves, sandwich bread, rolls, cakes, biscuits, muffins, bagels, cookies etc.
  • There are no chemicals – the product is edible, organic, biodegradable and compostable.
  • Keeps bread and other baked goods fresher 2-4 times Longer - saves money with less waste
  • Infused with edible, organic spices that naturally possess antibacterial and antifungal qualities
  • Simply place a sheet of fresh paper inside bread bags or where baked goods are stored
  • Once in use, sheets last for about 1 month, or until the distinct maple-like scent starts to fade
  • Proudly made in America from food-safe paper and edible organic spices

A science project gone worldwide, FreshPaper had a simple beginning that developed into something big. Kavita Shukla began the invention of this product back in middle school, inspired by a home remedy from her grandmother in India. From the local farmer’s market to now being used across the globe, this innovative sheet of paper helps keep food fresh in an environmentally responsible way. FreshPaper has received 50+ design and science awards and is building a sustainable social enterprise around a simple, powerful idea: improving access to fresh, healthy food and boosting the lives of farmers and communities worldwide.





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