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Goldrush Sourdough Starter



In early California, sourdough was much a part of the Goldrush of 49 as gold itself. Traveling throughout the West in the packs of miners and settlers, it eventually found its home in San Francisco. The air in the Golden Gate region enhanced the bread made there with a wonderfully distinct taste. San Francisco has become world renowned for sourdough bread. Goldrush has removed the mystery of creating our time honored sourdough! With Goldrush Sourdough starter recipes it is easy to create the tangy flavour and hearty aroma of sourdough bread anywhere in the world!

- It works in bread machines too.
- Made in California.
- Contains: Starter and Recipes.

sourdough starters are shipped in a dehydrated format so they make the trip safely. Activating the starter takes 3-7 days of feeding the starter with flour and water. Step-by-step instructions are given for getting the starter activated and ready to bake bread.

Category: natural, sourdough, yeast

Type: Yeast



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