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  • Live and Active Cultures,No Appliance Need, Make Fresh Kefir At Home, this Freeze Dried Kefir, you don't need to feed off with milk, this starter for you easy to make Kefir at home. No preservatives. No coloring agent. 5g starter per liter of milk. Net weight. 30g ( 6 x 5g )
  • Active bacterial culture (L.Lactis, L. cremoris, L. diacetylatis, L. acidophulus), includes lactic yeasts, skim milk powder. This porduct is manufactured in a facliity that manipulates products containing wheat, soy, eggs, milk and fish (including shrimps).
  • Use 5g per Litre of milk. 1. Heat 1 litre of milk to 82°C and cool to 23-25°C. 2. Dissolve 5g starter in small amount of cooled milk in cup. Pour back into the listre of milk and mix well. 3. Pour the inoculated milk into a clean container, then cover and let stand at room temperature until curd forms like yogurt (approx. 24 hours) 4. Refrigerate about 8 hours to stop the process. 5. Enjoy your kefir, Always store kefir in the refrigerator. TIPS. You can keep the 100g finished kefir for your next batch. eg. 900g of milk + 100g finished milk kefir. ASO.

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Type: yogurt

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