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Multi-Purpose Extra Large Oven Bags For Cooking



up to 10ft. Create your own oven bag, cut as much as you want, fill the oven cooking bags with your favorite food and use ties to close your roasting bag

 Heat-resistant nylon oven bags for cooking warm, healthy dinners without basting and tending. Retains nutrients and natural food moisture and flavors.

up to 450°F( 220°C). Suitable for oven roasting, microwaving, re-heating, bowling, freezing and storing meats and vegetables. BPA FREE and FDA APPROVED

for cooking, roasting, baking & brining turkey, chicken, lamb, deer, meat, seafood, fish, rice & vegetables. Can be used as a food storage bags or food freezing. Can be used up to 10 times, depends on the size.

Category: bag, oven bag

Type: bag



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