Bread Flour T55 | Super Tradition

Moulins de Versailles


Origin: France

Type 55

Protein: ^10.2%

Weight: 1 KG

The Chaudé family has been producing flour for generations. From 1905, she accomplished her expertise in the  Moulins de Versailles . The job of miller is exercised among the Chaudé since the Middle Ages.

The wheat used to obtain a quality flour are carefully selected and very rich in proteins. These wheat are grown close to the Moulins de Versailles for a low carbon footprint, in the best soils. They are then brought back to the Mills to be analyzed and sorted according to their origins and their qualities.

Flour for your breads, baguettes traditions, pizzas, brioches, pastries, crepes, sauces prepared in respect of the milling traditions.

Nutritional Data: Energy Value: 1428kj / 337 kcal; fat 1,1g including 0,3g of saturated fatty acids; 69.6g carbohydrates including 1g of sugar, 4.2g fiber; 10.2g protein; salt 0.0g
Legal Name: Wheat Flour


Category: bread, flour

Type: flour



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