Thick Bamboo Wood Cutting Board



  • Size : 18 x 12" ( 32 x 46 cm )
  • The bamboo is stronger than maple, giving you a long lasting cutting board that will never crack or splinter, and it is moisture resistant, ensuring the best tasting meals possible for your family and friends. Notice in our reviews how many people rave about how beautiful this cutting board is - it can double as a serving tray
  • Very low maintenance : No other wood resists moisture like bamboo, making clean up a snap. Simply rinse bacteria and food particles away easily with soap and water. For best results, click here for detailed instructions
  • 100% organic : Our eco-friendly cutting board is dye and formaldehyde free, and is made from 100% organic bamboo which naturally resists bacteria
  • Versatile : Our Super Strong bamboo cutting board is lightweight, but large enough for all of your food prep needs: slice up perfect steak, chicken, bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables. It won't slip on you, keeping you and your family safe with every use

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Type: cutting board



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