Trehalose 海藻糖



Trehalose can bring out the best in your products and your processes, enhancing functionality and improving stability in several key ways. Trehalose has been shown to provide superior stabilization of proteins and biological systems, protecting against damage caused by desiccation or freezing.

  • 100% pure Trehalose -- multi-functional sugar
  • Quick energy disaccharide for bees, fungi & plants
  • May be used in cooking & baking to replace sugar
  • Trehalose is a multi-functional sugar. Its mild sweetness (45% sucrose), low cariogenicity, low hygroscopicity, high freezing-point depression, high glass transition temperature and protein protection properties are all of immense benefit to food technologists. Trehalose is fully caloric, has no laxative effects and after ingestion is broken down in the body to glucose. It has a moderate glycemic index with low insulinemic response
  • Trehalose, like other sugars may be used without restriction in a wide range of food products including beverages, chocolate & sugar confectionery, bakery products, frozen foods, breakfast cereals and dairy products.
  • Fruit Products:Trehalose is excellent for optimizing sweetness in processed fruit products including jams, fruit sauces, yogurt and pie fillings. This allows the full flavor potential to be appreciated without compromising shelf life and improves product performance by increasing the soluble solids in the product. Additionally, owing to the high process stability of trehalose, hydrolysis does not occur and product color is maintained.
  • Trehalose acts like sucrose in depressing the freezing point of ice cream and other frozen foods. As it is less sweet than sucrose it can be used to create new textures in frozen foods and frozen confectionery products and provides the potential to create innovative frozen savory products.
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