Vanilla flan pudding mix - caramel flan



  • Instant powder for flan with vanilla flavor, 1 pack for 36 cups (120g) dessert. Easy and delicious made in Switzerland
  • Sugar, gelling agents; carrageenan, starch(wheat), artificial flavor, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids(emulsifier), tara gum (gelling agent), riboflavin-5'sodium phosphate(color),carmine(color), 
  • whole recipe for 36 cups(120g) vanilla flan: 4 Ltr. Milk boiled add whole pack 400g instant powder and continued for 1 min. pour in the dessert glass, ramekin, silicon mold. And put in refrigerator at 5 °C for 2 hours. and serve. (you can pour caramel in mold before you pour the vanilla flan to get the caramel flan..)  

Category: dessert, mix, pudding

Type: pudding



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