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Blooming Gelatin | Convert bloom strength | Gelatin grade

5月 31, 2019

Blooming Gelatin | Convert bloom strength | Gelatin grade

Gelatin used in food usually runs from 125 Bloom to 250 Bloom.

Add gelatin into other ingredient, first hydrate and soften it (called blooming) in cold liquid. 

  • soak the gelatin sheet in cold water for around few minute. squeeze the water out. Melt in a bain-marie stir until dissolve or add softened gelatin in hot liquid.(like pudding/jelly)

You can use the exciting gelatin sheet to converting into other gelatin grade if need.

following is the conversion formula allow us to use in different recipe.

example you have 5 g of silver grade 160 bloom want to convert to gold 200 bloom gelatin

160>200 bloom convert factor 1.12 =1.12 x 5 = 5.6g  (5.6 g silver = 5 g 200 bloom gold grade)

if to exchange the covert from 200 > 160 bloom

0.89 x 5 =4.45g (4.45g gold = 5 g silver 160 bloom grade)


Gelatin grade bloom strength convert to bloom strength covert factor
Gold 200 160 silver 1.12
200 140 bronze 1.19
Silver 160 200 gold 0.89
160 140 bronze 1.06
Bronze 140 200 gold 0.83
140 160 silver 0.93

gelatin mass

  • 100 g Gelatin
  • 50 g Water

Hydrate gelatin in cold water. Allow to set in cooler.
Melt gelatin. Allow to set and cut to scale as needed


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