Christstollen | Bake your own stollen

12月 03, 2020

Christstollen | Bake your own stollen

Christstollen is a traditional German, a dense fruit bread cake-like made with yeast, water and flour, with nut, spices and dried or candied fruit. 

Other ingredients: mixed spices( [ginger bread spices]) content: nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, star anise.... milk, sugar, butter, almond. 

Some recipe is with a rolled marzipan/almond paste into the stollen, you can add into the stollen if you like. This is a bakery recipe where i worked  in Switzerland, normally every years we start baking Christstollen around end of November -  2nd week of December. Stollen is salthered with melted unsalted butter and rolled in caster sugar [instead icing sugar] resulting in a moister product and keep longer and better, The dried fruits macerated in rum or brandy for a superior tasting bread.

The texture dense with full with rum fruit bread, i like the taste with spices. 


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Prepare time: 200 mins 

make 2 pieces @ approx. 680gr.

Soak all Dried Fruit one day before:

200gr Black raisin
62gr Orange peel
62gr Lemon peel
25ml Rum
50ml Water
(cover and in refrigerate for one night) 
62gr. sliced almond or whole chopped almond 
1 fresh lemon zest


165ml Fresh Milk
31gr. Fresh Yeast(15gr. Instant yeast)
250gr. T55 Flour or 550 Flour

Mixing in a dough and let it cover and rest for 60mins.

Main dough

55ml Fresh Milk
30gr Salt
62gr. Caster sugar
5gr. mix spices
22gr. Unsalted butter
312gr T55 Flour or 550 Flour


weight above ingredients and mix with the rum dried fruit and pre-dough. 

1. Let it bulk ferment for 45mins. 

2. Cut it half each piece approx. 680gr. 

3. sharp the dough round and roll out with rolling pin

christstollen recipe | | ingredients for christstollen

4. Fold in half of dough in the middle.↑↑↑

5. Preheat oven @190C

6. Let it set on the baking tray for 20mins, that in preheat oven for 40mins.

Baking Christstollen

7. Brush the melted butter on the surface and cover with sugar.

Christstollen recipe

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