Galette des Rois Recipe

12月 28, 2020

Galette des Rois Recipe

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Galette des Rois with Frangipane 

Vanilla Pastry Cream

250ml Milk
1/2  vanilla pod
45gr. caster sugar
20gr.  cornstarch
25gr.  unsalted butter


1. Milk in a small pot

2. Cut the vanilla pod in half. scratch the vanilla seed bring to heat. Add sugar and stir

3. Egg yolk with cornstarch combine well mix with the whisk.

4. slowly pour milk into the "step 3" and quick well stir with the cornstarch egg yolk mixture. 

5. transfer the above back into pot and continue over the medium heat, stirring constantly until the mixture thick. 

6. pour into a tray or flat plate cover with plastic film tight and let it cool for a hour.

Almond cream
60gr. unsalted butter
60gr.  Icing sugar
60gr.  Ground Almond
1 Egg
7gr.  cornstarch
100gr. vanilla pastry cream
10ml Rum 
1. sieve the Icing sugar, cornstarch
2. butter(room temp.), egg with icing sugar well mixing until light cream yellow.
3. add ground almond and vanilla pastry cream continue mixing for 2 mins.
1. 250gr. each roll out in thickness 3mm.
2. prepare a diameter 20cm/ 30 cm larger cake ring
3. Piping the almond cream on the puff pastry.
4. Put one feve (trinket) into the almond cream.
5. brush the egg yolk around and cover with another layer of puff pastry.

Sugar glace:

150gr. caster sugar

75ml water

bring to boil in a slow heat, until thick glaze on the surface on the pastry when it's still hot. 

Tools use in this recipe:

small knife


hand whisk

Spatula scraper

scale and measuring

silicon mat and rolling pin

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