Easy make Gluten Free Cake (egg free) Chocolate Cake

10月 21, 2019

Easy make Gluten Free Cake (egg free) Chocolate Cake


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Cake shouldn't be off the menu just because you have a gluten-free diet so why not enjoy these moist and absolutely delicious chocolate cake.

Many people think the gluten free /egg free cake are not delicious, as a baker my aim is how to make it delicious like a regular cake. This is the time i bake this chocolate cake in 3 versions, one at a time, only few ingredients has change to GF ingredients. Let's see the cake you never know it is made with Gluten free and Gluten and Egg free cake when you taste it.

Prepare time : 1hours

Baking time: 45-50mins

Quantity: 1 piece (bakeform for 600g-650g)

neat egg | egg replacer




CUP4CUP Multipurpose flour 1 :1 (rice flour base GF flour)

Neat egg - a egg replacer (chia seed and bean)

Trimoline - invert sugar (creating a smoother mouth feel and control the moisture)






How easy to make any recipe to be a Gluten free recipe with the 1 : 1 gluten free multipurpose flour. Just few ingredients replace and easy make a gluten free cake and the taste is so good until i don't telling you it is Gluten free

All come out nicely, moist in texture, rich of chocolate, You'd never guess that it's free from eggs, wheat. Yummy. 

non-gluten free cake isn't big difference compare the gluten free in taste texture. Due this gluten free flour are based from rice flour and starch.

The last one is Egg free and Gluten free,  stretchy texture and dense as the neat egg ingredients are chia seed and garbanzo beans, sticky egg-like substitute. And you can see in the recipe is half weight from regular recipe on fresh egg. The garbanzo bean enhance a extra special flavor in this cake. worth to try!


Chocolate cake recipe:

150g (3)  Eggs Eggs

21g Neat Egg

+42ml water

45g Trimoline Trimoline Trimoline
75g Caster Sugar beat together with eggs

Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar

until light yellow
45g Hazelnut Meal GF Hazelnut Meal GF Hazelnut Meal GF
73g  Pastry cake Flour  Gluten free flour by CUP4cup Gluten free flour by CUP4cup
15g  Cacao powder  Cacao Powder GF Cacao Powder GF
4.5g Baking powder GF Sifted all dry ingredients(2) Baking powder GF Baking powder GF
finish the mix
72g  Cream 35% Cream 35% Cream 35%
45g  Butter melt @45°C Butter Butter
1 pinch salt salt salt
88g  70% Dark Chocolate GF melt @37°C add to  70% Dark Chocolate GF 70% Dark Chocolate GF
Total 620g 620g 520g
weight after baking   587g 570g 499g
Baking Time & Temp. 45mins@165°C  50mins@165°C  50mins@165°C 


well beat the egg until fluffy and light yellow

  • (Egg free version)
  • pipping butter on the cake to get a nice crack.
  •  checking with bamboo skewer

Photos; Author by May Leung

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