Panettone with natural yeast

10月 09, 2019

Panettone with natural yeast


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Taste of Italy - Panettone

Prepare Time: 48 hours

Quantity: 2 pieces 17 cm

Ambient Temperature: 29°C

Difficulty : ***** (experience making sourdough bread)

[Day 1: #1Levain(3hours)>#2Levain(3hours)>#3Levain(3hours)>predough(12hours)]

Day 1 at 6am

#1 Levain

20g strong white flour (artisan bread flour) / 0 flour (Italian flour)
20g natural yeast sourdough*
12g water

Why bob's red mill artisan bread flour?

Artisan bread flour is good to make a long fermentation bread dough, as it is high gluten protein to 13.5%, you may use T80, as i use both before in bakery (see flour protein comparison>>

*if you have a stronger starter(age starter) you can start from #2 : )

Day 1 at 10 am

#2 Levain

strong white flour (artisan bread flour \ 0 flour (Italian flour)
40g  #1 
25g water

Day 1 at 2 pm

#3 Levain

strong white flour (artisan bread flour \0 flour (Italian flour)
80g #2
45g water @28°C


1.Each part refresh levain allow to rise for approx. 3 hours and tripled in volume (the method is similar same as the "Build a Leavain")

2. check the temperature to adjust the time or volume. 

3. Stir the dough for around 5 mins and cover in a container and the refresh levain need to be waited until tripled in volume.

4. Take out the butter in room temperature, prepare for the predough in next step.

REMARK: If your starter is store in fridge, take out from fridge at night before you start to make the #1 Levain. Otherwise from #1>#2>#3 between refreshing time is longer that 3 hours.

Panettone Predough: (The time is around 6-7pm. check and until the levain is tripled in volume, before to make the dough.)

400g Artisan Bread Flour or 0 flour (Italian flour)
190g #3 Levain
150g Water
175g Caster sugar low heat melt the sugar in water
200g(10) Egg yolks put half in the mixing, until the dough combined that add the remaining egg yolks.
170g Butter, soft little by little add into the dough
1285g TOTAL


starter for panettone


1. Melt the caster sugar in the water over a low heat(don't boil), then add the flour and half of egg yolk combine in a stand mixer and mix thoroughly to obtain a smooth an elastic dough.

2.  Add the #3Levain with remain egg yolks, mixing until combined. Finish by adding the soft butter a little at a time. 

3. Let them ferment for 12 hours @ 28°C cover with plastic wrapper. 

Day 2: 2nd dough(1 hours)>Cut it half and proofing(6 hours)>Icing topping> Bake(50mins)>Up side down(6-12 hours) 

Day 2 at 7:00am

100g Artisan Bread Flour or 0 flour (Italian flour)
35g Caster sugar
60g (3) Egg yolks
60g  Butter, soft
16g  Honey
12g Salt
1/2 Vanilla pod  cut it in the middle and scrape the seed
1/2 Fresh Orange zest
1/2 Fresh Lemon zest
200g Candied orange cube / (Candied mix fruit) cut the orange peel in cube
200g  Raisins

1. Knead the dough with day 1 pre-dough for about 10-15 mins

2. Add the sugar and egg yolks x 3 into the dough when kneading

3. Add honey, vanilla pod(seeds), orange and lemon zests. 

4. Butter little by little add to the dough and mix until smooth, shiny and elastic. Mix together the candied oranges cube and raisins in finally. Allow to rest for one hour with cover. 

5. divide the dough 1.5 hours later, cut in 2 pieces approx. 1000g in the Panettone mold Leave to rise for another 5-6 hours@28°C

6. AT around 3.30pm. Bake in a preheat oven @180°C for 20 Mins 170°C 30Mins

Icing Topping

40g White almond flour
40g Hazelnut flour
120g Caster sugar
9g  Cake flour
2g Cacao powder
3g Corn starch
50g  Egg white
Whole almond
Pearl sugar


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