Rye flour vs Rye flour

7月 22, 2019

rye bread

German type rye flour vs rye flour from US 

Just trying to make both in a simple traditional Roggenbrot mit sauerteig (Ryebread with sourdough) 


Sour culture - In a glass jar/ bowl, combine flour and water , cover and ferment at room temperature (25-28°C) 16-24 hours. The sponge will have a strong sour aroma in following day 2

Using the 1:1 rye flour , water as sourdough, feeding 2 times a day continue feeding for 2-3 days

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g/ml  Ingredients Percentage
10  ml Warm (35°C) water 50%
10 g rye flour 50%


g/ml Ingredients Percentage
75 g sour culture 30%
250 g Roggenmehl 1370 (rye flour 1370) / US Rye flour 100%
162 ml Water 70%
2.5 g Malt (roggenmalt) 1%
3.75 g Instant yeast /(7.5g Fresh Yeast) 1.5%
493g in total


 1    Mix the dough with all ingredients, Cover and ferment at room temperature until the dough has visibly expanded and shows broken bubbles on the surface, 30-40 minutes.
2 take out the dough and roll it in ball shape, like in my video below, put it in well-floured proofing baskets.
3 cover and proof for another 40-50 mins
4 Turn it out and bake with a preheat oven 250°C with the baking surface in the middle bake on a pizza stone for 15mins ( in dutch oven take out the cover after 15 mins) , then reduce the temperature to 220°C and continue baking for 15 mins . Transfer to a rack and cool thoroughly before slicing.




German type rye 1370  US type rye
flour is fine grinding flour with some crushed grain
color light brown color medium brown
hydration 70% hydration 70%
texture after bake: moist texture after bake: good
taste of flavor: good taste of flavor : rich





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