Sourdough Wholewheat Bread with sunflower seed

6月 08, 2020

Sourdough Wholewheat Bread with sunflower seed

One of my favorite bread, wholewheat with sunflower seeds. Of course you can optional add the sunflower seeds or without. And this dough base is very match with sunflower seeds. 


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Time: 15 hours 

Room temp: 26 celcious

7 pieces 125g roll or 2 pieces Loaf


65g sourdough Levain 

350g Flour (200g BF, 150g Wholewheat flour )

7g sea salt

7g organic malt powder

280ml water 

200g sunflower seeds (20 g topping) 

1. Light mix flour, water and Sourdough Levain , malt powder, autolyse for 1 hour.

2. stretch and folds 2 times in 6 hours (approx. 2-3 hours/time) add salt and sunflower seeds in 2nd time. Why? salt will slow down the fermentation process, i will add salt at last before bulk ferment for a better texture develop.

3. bulk proofing in room temperature for 3 hours, stretch and folds put into basket(3.1) for retard ferment 8 hours in fridge.

3.1 with sunflower seeds on top, moist the dough surface and stamp on the sunflower seeds and put into the basket cover with dough canvas.

4. Bake in a dutch oven 30 mins, remove lid after 10 mins.

sunflower seeds bread


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