Sous Vide Lemon Chenpi Syrup -Chinese Herbal Drink 陳皮冰糖燉檸檬

12月 01, 2017

Sous vide over 10 hours at 80 Celsius. Un-wax lemon 🍋 in yellow rock sugar with chenpi (sun dried tangerine peel) A traditional Chinese herbal drink, a hot winter drink, just add hot water with 1 -2 tea spoon 🥄 lemon syrup👆🏻, you can add 2 slices ginger if you like.

I use 4 lemons and 400g yellow rock sugar can fill up 2 -3 16oz Ball mason jar

Storage up to 4-6 months in refrigerator. 

*will try to add the syrup in Water Kefir 2f 



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