Sprouting Seeds in Jar | Alfalfa seeds

1月 22, 2019

Sprouting Seeds in Jar | Alfalfa seeds

Make a Home sprouted alfalfa seeds in only 5 days, great for sandwiches, salad and especially your home made sourdough bread. 

What you need:

1 quarter Mason Jar 

1 Mesh Sprouting lid

2 Tbps ( 24g) Alfalfa seeds (see all sprouting seeds)

500 ml Water

1. Soak alfalfa seed in 500ml water for overnight. Pic. 1

2. Drain all water off in the morning, invert the jar over a bowl at a angle, so that the air will be able circulate.Pic. 2- 3

3. Night time, after about 8 hours draining. Rinse with water and drain water off again. Pic. 4-5

4. Repeat rinse and drain every night between these 3 days.

5. 3th day Tiny sprouts should begin to form Pic. 6

6. Keep continue rinsing and draining for possible 2-3times daily. 

7. Until sprouts have grown in 4 - 5 cm. 

8. Drain water off and enjoy a freshly green salad or with bread.



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