Gelburger Sosa 500gr.



Gelburguer(burger binder) has an agglutinating and sticky function, leaving no taste, which will allow you to reconstitute cold products (meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit).
These reconstructions can then be snacked on, fried, etc.

Vegan, kosher

Properties: Agglutinating effect.
How to use: Mix with the product to be treated.
Application: Any food.
Observations: It can present problems with foods rich in calcium.
Elaborations: Hamburger / Tartare / Terrines

  • Ingredients: Sodium alginate (E401), calcium sulphate (E516), tetrasodium diphosphate (E450).
  • Dosage: 10/15 g per kilo (1-4%)
  • Origin: Spain
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種類: burger, cooking, gel, gelification, texture, 素食

品種: 未知類型



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