Pasteuriser 77 | Food grade Disinfectant Sterilizer Sprayer Sterilizer


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    Food Grade Disinfectant Sterilizer Sprayer Sterilizer

    (Food safe Ethanol disinfectant)

    Pasteuriser 77 is the first brand of antibacterial agent used by Japanese pastry chefs, restaurant, bakery and hotel.

    Characteristic--Alcohol made from 100% sugarcane. It is reassuring to use. The effect of high-purity green tea extract can inhibit bacterial reproduction for a long time after use.

    Uses-to prevent mold on moon cakes, raw food, fruits, pastries, and cakes, completely eliminate dustfall bacteria and inhibit E. coli O-157 in an instant

    Use for the cutting board, counter top surface, table, mixing bow, bottles, container...

    It can inhibit the relationship of bacterial reproduction for a long time, so it is often used when making cakes. When making muses, because the heating temperature cannot be too high, there are some bacteria with strong vitality, it is difficult to use heating to sterilize , But if you spray this, you can add another layer of protection. Every Japanese master sprays a few times before using any kind of equipment to ensure the hygiene of the equipment before starting to make food ... The food is not only delicious, Eat more safely. Clean ...

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