About Us

Established in 2003, "BakingWarehouse" store opened in Hong Kong located in Kwun Tong. Selling baking products and professional tools store and provide the online shop with delivery. It was a place where serious cooks found a surprising selection of culinary tools from around the world. 

We’ve now grown to more than 2500+ products, with a website and catalog viewed by millions of people each year customer from , US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore... But some things haven’t changed: we’re still the place for an unsurpassed selection of exclusive and premium-quality goods for the Baking and Pastry bake ware and food . We’re still passionate about baking and entertaining, eager to share all we know. 

Why Baking Warehouse?

  • We got the most complete line of Baking Products in Hong Kong.
  • Save Time - Shopping delivered to your door.
  • Save Money - Online shop minimizes the operating cost of retail stores.
  • Kowloon store:

    Unit 01, 12/F, Lladro centre, 72 hoi yuen road, Kwun Tong


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